A Once And Future Thing (Reissue)

by The Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence

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    As well as the bonus track Blind on Blind there is also a hidden track, Steve's homage to George Martin and the Beatles, ALL JOIN HANDS (Carry on, sing the song)
    Never before have either of these songs been released. oh yeah, and a short clip for Make It happen.

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This is the remastered and edited reissue of the Australian ‘nugget’ A once And Future Thing. This release features new artwork for the front and back covers more suited to the the times. It also has the original artwork and booklet for downloading PLUS bonus track (never before released) Blind on Blind!

Inspired by the late 60’s music scene, this is a ‘concept album’ about the last days of 'Pubert Brown-Fridge'. The music is written (largely) by Steve Lucas and dedicated to the bands that influenced him as he grew up through the 60's and early 70's. A tribute, if you will, full of references, nods and winks to those wonderfully innocent (and not so innocent) times. Thank you The Beatles, Small Faces, The Kinks, The Who and many, many more...

The album also has the song 'Make It happen' featured in the latest Yoplait commercial which went to air in America during the Emmys and Country Music Awards




On ‘A Once and Future Thing’
Michael Smith. The Drum
10 December 2010 at 12:09
Thank God someone from Sydney nascent late '70's punk scene was listening to '60's London, Liverpool, Manchester rather than (as well as?) Detroit , New York! With this collection, Steve Lucas and his Pubert Brown-Fridge Occurrence cohorts redress the balance and remind the world that it wasn't just Britain's Nuggets garage obscurities or America's art rock or shock rock outsiders that were impacting on the impressionable minds of the world's youth and Australia's in particular. The Beat groups that burst out in the wake of the Beatles were making gems just as amazing, just as adventurous, often just as hilarious as anything that came out punk scene 15 years ago. Here on one disc is the impact of those groups, in all their manifestations, from pure pop to vaudeville, art house to fun house, all delivered with tender loving care but with tongue set firmly in cheek, just the way it should. This record fairly sweats Fab, pop to smile away the day, or perhaps a slightly inebriated evening or three.

Eight Days A Week ... done the way Lennon would have recorded it for the White Album, just to piss McCartney off ... Fab Four on dope!

Sleepy Jan ...are we sniffing Syd Barrett's aftershave, pure Floyd pop before Syd lost the plot, complete with "recorder" solo!

Come Friday Afternoon ...move over Traffic, or is it the Kinks?vSmall Faces? Either way here come the Puberts, doing their own trippy kind of Friday On My Mind anthem.

Make It Happen... Phil Judd tried to recreate this sort of gloriously "lads" style Small Faces singalong thing with the Swingers. Problem was he didn't have the sense of humour. Steve Lucas obviously has in spades. So what if he had a hit with it!

The Ice Cream Song ... More Elvis Costello than The Move perhaps, or is it The Turtles? Maybe this is what happened once they got Eleanor sung by Gerry "Loved Ones" Humphreys pretending to be Mike Oldfield. Confused? Good! A kiddies xylophone has never sounded so rock.

Bite The Sun ... Back to the British side of the Pond for another slice of Pop psychedelia in that Incense Peppermints vibe.

Love Is A Virus ...Bonzo Dog Doodah Band taking on Bryan Ferry territory, at least lyrically! Or is it even scarier, and reliving the duets of...now who was it sang Cinderella Rockafella? That's right, Esther & Abi Ofarim! Immortally naff!!

The One You Love ... " You and me going nowhere" Beatles descend to New Vaudeville vocal melodies, kazoo solos and a most curious guitar sound, dodgy synth brass section and more gloriously kaleidoscopic musical mayhem in an outro that could go on forever. And almost does!

Bottle Of Gin ... Kinks territory, God bless 'em. Who cares? Where's the ice?!

Neon and Venom ...Oooh, "raawwwkkk!!" But wait, we're still not quite in Gun n Roses territory, though these days even they would probably be happy with a gig at Dapto RSL! Either way the Puberts AND Pubettes! are rockin' out there. Tex Perkin would be proud.

Don't Cry No Tears ...Heart on sleeve, string section tugs at your emotions, the "BIG LOVE SONG", part Donovan part Barry Ryan. This is the sensitive Stephen, the romantic strolling balladeer, and the perfect end to a perfect pop confection, and my goodness, where did that Robert Plant scream come from? Epic, fab, groovy gear indeed!
Michael Smith. The Drum


released July 30, 2013

released 19 September 2003
The Band.

Steve Lucas; Keys, guitar, piano, recorder, xylophone , lead vocals and bv's!
Geof Holmes; Guitars, mandolin, slide guitar, and bv's
Jim Dickson; bass guitar and bv's
Rebecca Hancock; Vocals and bv's
John Butler; drums.

Engineered by Geof Holmes and Steve Lucas.
Produced by Steve Lucas with Mike Duffy and Ken Scott
Mixed at Track Down
Recorded in Glebe
Re mixed and edited by Steve Lucas and Herbie Mayhem



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Steve Lucas St Kilda, Australia

Steve Lucas has had a wide and varied career. Starting out in 1977, Steve was one of the founding members of the seminal Australian punk bands X.
X's bloodied history has been well known so we'll skip that here.
Steve also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, Double Cross and The Groody Frenzy. All very successful in their own right.
His latest release Change Poison, Make Medicine is now available online.
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Track Name: Eight Days A Week
"... eight days a week, I love you. Eight days a week, is not enough to show I care..."
Track Name: Sleepy Jan
"... her dreams can trace the paths of swallows and where she goes there's none can follow..."
Track Name: Come Friday Afternoon
"Tradition goes before me so tactless and so dull, it eats away the spirit and leaves an empty hole..."
Track Name: Make It Happen
... " I'm just sick of the hang dog days, sitting 'round and howl at the moon, I am taking a new direction and it will be happening soon, gonna make it happen..."
Track Name: Bite The Sun
"Something's different, something has changed, did you bite the sun?"
Track Name: The Ice Cream Song
"You know you'd make my day if you'd go out with me, We could go to the park or swimming, in the sea..."
Track Name: Love Is A Virus
"Love is a virus, it's an emotional flu..."
Track Name: The One You Love
"... you'll realise what's worse, looking out from underneath that curse, you'll find a way to get along, but nothing can replace the one you love..."
Track Name: Bottle Of Gin
"... I thought that I knew everything that I would need to know, but it seems that I knew nothing, and it only goes to show..."
Track Name: Neon And Venom
"...one shot of whisky, one of rhythm and blues, nothing to win, I've got nothing to lose..."
Track Name: Don't Cry No tears
"Don't cry no tears, what's done is done, the clouds have come..."
Track Name: Blind on Blind ( bonus track)
"The more that you listen the more you conditioned to see, wall upon wall where no wall at all ought to be..."