Bread And Water

by Steve Lucas

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The album was recorded over a couple of days... I spent the first day doing a 14 hour session of laying down guitar beds to a click with my 12 string guitar, double tracking and in some cases triple layering the tracks. I also did guide vocals.
Day 2 we just started calling up people and saying 'hey, you wanna play on a track?'
I called up Chris Wilson first and then Paul Kelly and it just snowballed on from there.... everyone seemed to know someone else that might want a spot so suddenly we'd find someone like Andrew Pendlebury is making himself comfortable on a couple of tracks!
My girlfriend of the time, Helene Rosanov was on hand to take some photos of the session and a selection of these have been made available for the very first time as bonus material for this digital release.


released September 19, 1993

So many people played on this album... Paul Kelly sang a duet with me, we had Chris Wilson, Andrew Pendlebury, Craig Harneth, Nigel McLean, Dave Cambell, Cameron Gould, Brett kingman.... Dean Rochford
Craig Dohney and myself!



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Steve Lucas St Kilda, Australia

Steve Lucas has had a wide and varied career. Starting out in 1977, Steve was one of the founding members of the seminal Australian punk bands X.
X's bloodied history has been well known so we'll skip that here.
Steve also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, Double Cross and The Groody Frenzy. All very successful in their own right.
His latest release Change Poison, Make Medicine is now available online.
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Track Name: Giving It All Away
"After all I'm just a man, cast off to ride the tides through time"
Track Name: Any Other Girl
"I was a hard drinker, I was a slow thinker, sunk like a lead sinker when we first met..."
Track Name: Like A True Lover Should
"Her heartbreaking smile, lingered a while, she played with the ring, let her laughter begin, and the beauty within well it made my heart sing..."
Track Name: Here I Am
"... are you laughing while I cry? Are you smiling when I hang my head...?"
Track Name: Steve Luacs - Steal Her Heart Away
"... her smile a gentle laughter, linger with me here after, she makes me dream while I'm awake.."
Track Name: Over The Mountain
"... seems nothing is sacred, well not much these days. There's too much to learn too soon, and it gets in the way..."
Track Name: Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds
"... he kept dishing it out though he knew it was wrong, woke up one morning and baby was gone, she was gone for good..."
Track Name: Madelaine's Song
"... when I look into the cool of your blue eyes, I know nothing will stop me now..."
Track Name: Bread And Water
"Bring on the night, I want to lay down. The strength of the light, is making you frown..."
Track Name: Movin' On
"I don't know where we went wrong, but the feeling's gone and I can't, I can't reach you anymore..."
Track Name: Trouble With Women
"In these days of liberation things are seldom what they mean. To find a true companion is this one's only dream. Through several sticky situations I kept my fingers clean. I'm getting used to living by myself..."