Change Poison, Make Medicine

by Steve Lucas & The Empty Horses

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    I have nothing to hide! Everything is as you see it. There is one bonus track and it is a very special one. Well actually there is something but you just have to find out for yourself.

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Change poison make medicine is a Buddhist saying which basically means to take something bad or painful and make it into something positive and healing. That is exactly what this release is about.

Steve Lucas and Cath Synnerdahl were in Melbourne doing some X shows when they were offered some free time in St Kilda's Hot House Studio.
They jumped at the opportunity and in a heroic 12 hour session laid the guitar, guide vocals, drums and percussion tracks for 12 songs. The idea was to follow up asap to release an album but tragically, Cath Synnerdahl lost out to life and passed away.
Steve couldn't go on with the sessions without her so, the album was shelved for quite sometime.
After a few years had passed Steve and he had got past most of that terrible sense of loss, he enlisted the help of Rosie Westbrook and Greg Ham To finish off the tracks. So once again he found himself back at the Hot House Studios working on the album now titled Change Poison, Make Medicine.

Rosie Westbrook played bass guitar and double bass on the tracks and Greg lay down some blues harp and saxophone. Steve double tracked his vocals added some bv's and did some guitar overdubs. A few other flourishes were added by Craig Harneth and a very special cameo from Winifred Mitchinson. All seemed set to go when tragedy struck again, this time with the death of Greg Hamm. Once more Steve shelved the project starting to believe it was jinxed.

Also included with this album is a home recording that Steve did My Kind Of Guy, a song he wrote especially for Cath. When she heard it, she loved it so much she pleaded for a copy of the lyrics which she carried around everywhere she went in the back pocket of her jeans. Steve a rendition of the song at her funeral.

Now in 2013, Steve has finally decided to release the sessions in a digital format only.

".....mainly out of respect for Cath and Greg, it (now) seems such a waste of their time, effort and talent not to make these recordings available. I was just so overwhelmed at the loss of these to wonderful and gentle souls that I just could not face it again..."
Steve Lucas


released July 24, 2013

Recorded at Hothouse Studios
Acland St St Kilda
Engineered by Finn
Produced by Craig Harneth with Steve Lucas



all rights reserved


Steve Lucas St Kilda, Australia

Steve Lucas has had a wide and varied career. Starting out in 1977, Steve was one of the founding members of the seminal Australian punk bands X.
X's bloodied history has been well known so we'll skip that here.
Steve also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, Double Cross and The Groody Frenzy. All very successful in their own right.
His latest release Change Poison, Make Medicine is now available online.
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Track Name: Can't Forget You're Forgetting Me
"... sure there's other girls would share my bed, but they only fuck me in the head. I guess there' something broken there inside..."
Track Name: Give it Up
"The world is spinning you round and round and you can't feel a single sound..."
Track Name: I Don't want to love You (at All)
"I don't want to have to talk about it, I don't want to have to speak at all..."
Track Name: I was Made For Loving You
"I was made for loving you baby, you were made for loving ne..."
Track Name: Say You Love Me
"It seems to me that people come and go too easily, and so I offer you my love right here on bended knee..."
Track Name: Walking On Fire
"... snuff this cold burning flame, I tired and wired. I want to hold her again, and stop walking on fire..."
Track Name: When Love Is Loving
"A hand full of light just fell from her window, a withering wind slips through my hand..."
Track Name: Clap Your Hands Stamp Your Feet.
Wake yourself up now, clap your hands stamp your feet!"
Track Name: Love That Girl.
"... I must follow, I say I must follow, I'll catch up with you tomorrow..."
Track Name: When I Come Back Again
"If once a lifetime you get it right then, don't you let it go..."
Track Name: The World Push
"When the world push got me down, you gave me strength I never had before. Whenever I was down and out, you were the one thing in my life that was worth waiting for. Your love kept me holding on..."
Track Name: My Kind Of Guy (Bonus track)
"So what's with her anatomy? Now nothing's where it ought to be..."