Hate City EP.

by X

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Owen Keenan
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Owen Keenan The first X recordings from the original line-up - features an absolutely mind-blowing version of Good On Ya Baby which is exclusive to this EP (and other versions of it) and has never been on CD (to my knowledge). The other three tracks are also pretty rare, but were released on various Aberrant label compilations over the years.


This is an EP recorded around 1977-78 by the original X line up.
Vinyl ownley.
It is was recorded on 24 track, 2" tape (yes, the old fashioned way) at the Australian Film and Television School deluxe studio.I did a run of 500 to take to the USA in 2010 as a collectors item. Have found some remainders of the run so now's your chance to grab a piece of history


released November 19, 2014

Ian Krahe - Guitar
Steve Cafiero - Drums
Ian Rilen - Bass
Steve Lucas - Vocals



Steve Lucas St Kilda, Australia

Steve Lucas has had a wide and varied career. Starting out in 1977, Steve was one of the founding members of the seminal Australian punk bands X.
X's bloodied history has been well known so we'll skip that here.
Steve also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, Double Cross and The Groody Frenzy. All very successful in their own right.
His latest release Change Poison, Make Medicine is now available online.
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